Why Women Kill: A New Perspective of Married Murderesses

Ashtyn Britt


CBS All Access has struck online-streaming gold with their most recent show addition, “Why Women Kill.” 

“Why Women Kill” is an interesting take on a story we’ve heard many times before in media, the tale of the wife who committed murder after finding out of their husband’s infidelity. However, unlike the other stories told in the past, this show takes a fresh approach by showing three different women, from three different time eras, who all happened to share the same house in Pasadena. 

For those who don’t want spoilers, I highly recommend paying the fee for CBS All Access for a month in order to binge-watch this show. It is worth every second of watching! Now, here is the official warning, there are major spoilers ahead! 

As in the series, let’s start from the beginning. In 1962, Beth Ann Stanton is the stereotypical Stepford wife who lives to make her hardworking husband, Rob, happy. The two are also in desperate need of a chance to start over after the passing of their young daughter. However, things take a turn for the worse when Beth Ann finds out that Rob is having an affair with a local waitress named April Warner. Beth Ann then decides to meet with April, fake her identity in order to befriend her and try to convince her to end the affair.

Next, in 1984, socialite Simone Grove finds out that her third husband, Karl Grove, is gay and has been having affairs with men behind her back for some time. As a result, Simone plans out how to have an amicable divorce from Karl without her friends knowing of his orientation and trying to keep the divorce itself a secret until after her daughter Amy Lin’s wedding. Things become even more complicated when Simone begins having an affair with Tommy Harte, her best frenemy and next-door neighbor’s 18-year-old son.

Finally, in 2019, Taylor Harding and Eli Cohen are a modern couple in an open marriage who bring in Jade, a young woman who begins to become closer to Eli than what Taylor is comfortable with. Things become further complicated as Jade starts getting Eli to relapse into his drug addiction in order for Eli to write a good movie script so that he can make a good amount of money and take care of Jade. As Taylor begins to further investigate Jade’s past, she begins to worry if she and her husband are now in danger.

This series is full of interesting twists and creative writing, along with a well thought out setting and colorful costumes. I loved this show, and couldn’t recommend it enough to everyone else. As for who the women kill, as well as whether or not they get away with it, you’ll simply have to subscribe to CBS All Access and find out for yourselves! Now would be an especially great time to get caught up too, as the series has been picked up for a second season. Happy binge-watching, everyone!

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