Trailblazer Commons: A Good Fit for Lewis and Clark Students



Trailblazer Commons are new apartments just off the campus of Lewis and Clark Community College that are in walking distance for classes.

Students can attend Lewis and Clark without the commute living in this community that is close enough to reach any of the area amenities. Anybody can rent from these apartments throughout the entire year even if they are not a student.

Tate Wargo, a L&C freshman and baseball player, is glad to have an easy walk to campus and more time on his hands.

“Trailblazer Commons is the closest housing option to Lewis and Clark. I have been able to save a lot of time without commuting that has helped me use that time for homework and more activities,” Wargo said. “Many other athletes stay here, too. So, that made the decision even easier. It was the best option for me.”

Trailblazer Commons is fully furnished, has on-site laundry, all-inclusive rent, and free Wi-Fi.

“It was nice to be able to come in and really just make myself at home without the hassle of worrying about anything I needed because a lot of what I need is provided in the plan,” Wargo said. “I just have to pay one bill for rent which makes it really easy on me.”

Residents are given a choice to choose between four floor plans depending on how much privacy a resident wants. Four to six residents can share one apartment, depending on the plan.

“I have three other roommates, and we all have our own rooms. I knew going into it that I’d want my own room,” Wargo said. “Everyone gets along and even our neighbors are real respectful. I’ve really got to meet some really cool people, too, so that’s a bonus.”

Wargo shares his apartment with roommate Bryce Schwago, a student at Lewis and Clark. His decision to move into Trailblazer Commons was easy because of the location and distance of his commute.

“My drive is 1.5 hours, and Trailblazer Commons is so close to Lewis and Clark that I really knew that this would be a great fit,” Schwago said. “For the most part all of our neighbors are respectful. The footsteps above us can get annoying, but you can’t help that. It’s going on three months living here and I’m pretty happy.”

More information can be found about Trailblazer Commons at

“I’m definitely happy with the outcome so far. The transition from home to here has been easier than I thought. I’ll be calling this my home away from home,” Wargo said.


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