Top 10 Valentines Dates

Anna Summers


Valentine’s Day is for the candy, dates, and the memories. There are many many types of dates you and your significant other can do.

Did you know there is a top ten list for this type of holiday? Some people are picky on what to do or what to plan for their significant other, but here are a few simple options for something to do on this special day.

You can do dancing, not at night club where you party but real dancing. You can take a class, go to a salsa club, or go see live music. You could also do ballroom or line dancing. Somewhere that makes you want to get your groove on.

There is also a ghost hunt your you can do. You could go to a cemetery or an abandoned place to check out and see if there is any paranormal activity.

One of the most popular dates is ice skating or roller skating. You usually see many couples on the rink around this time of year. Many holding hands and pretty much guaranteed to get close. Some bonding over the enjoyment with each other, especially if one falls.

Bowling also seems to be a popular one. Also it is not too expensive either.

A themed dinner and movie night at home can be fun as well. Dates do not only mean going out and doing something.

You can easily cook an amazing dinner and watch many different types of movies and enjoy the rest of the night.

You could also go to a game that is in season if your partner is a sports fan.

If you have someone who loves museums you can go to an art museum or a history museum.

The last and final top ten date would be the zoo. You can easily find out more things about them while you’re seeing animals.

You see there are many different places to you can do or go to on this holiday.

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