Tommy and the High Pilots Fly High at Hatheway


Stephen Gooden

Staff Writer

The up and coming national band Tommy and the High Pilots played a free show at Hatheway Hall on Friday, Oct. 11. According to Mike Lemons, the station manager for 89.9, Tommy and the High Pilots are a Rock/Alternative/Indie band from Santa Barbara, CA that have been growing in popularity. The band is featured on 89.9 frequently, so to have the chance to see them live was a real treat. They have toured the entire country playing some pretty big shows and have even been featured on Carson Daily. WLCA and Student Activities co-hosted the show according to Sean Hill, the student activities Vice President. Lemons said, “Their support has been critical. This is the first concert that we have done at Hatheway in quite some time. We have national bands contact us all of the time wanting to do shows. We are involved with several concerts each year with many venues in St. Louis. This is a trial run for us in Hatheway. It is such a great room with incredible lights and sound. We hope to do more shows in the future that showcase many different styles of music that will excite LC students as well as our listeners.” Some of you may be asking “How did Lewis and Clark Community College book this show?” Well, it turns out that Mr. Lemons has had a working relationship with the band for the past few years. He discovered them by working with another popular band, Ludo, from our very own St. Louis area. If anyone is interested in Tommy and the High Pilots, I would highly recommend purchasing their album “Only Human” from iTunes, Amazon, or ordering the album from their website. If you would like to keep up with the band, their website states that they have a Facebook page and are signed to Redbird Records. Other than that, you can always tune in to 89.9 to hear your daily dose of Tommy and the High Pilots. Check ’em out!

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