The Omniscient Way of Decision Making

By Alexandra Blockton

Many times in our life, we as human beings sometimes stumble and become distracted. When it comes to making a concrete decision that is worthwhile for the better, we may tend to reach out to others to get their feedback. Whether it’s a friend, family member, teacher, counselor, etc. it just depends on what the decision is based on and whom we look up to most for their honest opinions and advice. You may also have to be left to make it on your own without help from anyone.

When you are making a decision for yourself or even someone else, you have to be willing to weigh the good with bad. To see if the decision you are making is healthy enough for you or the individual you may tend to be making the decision for.

Most people will probably use their intuition by using their very own gut feeling about the actions the potential decision can bring upon.  But within making a complete choice, you have to be willing to reason with yourself. Because at times your gut feeling choice as well as having thoughts from the past can definitely hinder the final choice you make. But more complicated decisions will put a hard brain tease in your mind to help think about a more structured approach to the situation. In impulsive reactions especially when something is very important you have to be wary. No matter what you come to a conclusion for your final decision.

Be prepared by outweighing your positive thoughts to make sure they will weigh heavier than your negative thoughts. Critical thinking will sometimes have your mind flowing all over while trying to make your choice. But you have to be a strong-minded individual by evaluating your thoughts as well as concerns. If you are given a certain length of time to make your choice allow yourself to not rush into making a decision you will regret later in life or a decision that will hinder someone else’s life.

Always consider using operose thinking because it helps you in multiple ways that are marvelous!


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