Deciding your University Major


Courtney Markos

If you are currently undecided on a university major, then I may have a couple of tips that might just be helpful! I recently found myself in this situation, with an interest in a little bit of everything, and will now be transferring in the Fall after several successful and fulfilling semesters here at Lewis & Clark.

Opportunities are plentiful here at Lewis & Clark and I highly recommend speaking with Kim Maynard in Career Development. This course has a personality test, among others, that will match you up with professional people that have taken the test in the past and that share similar interests as yours. Not only was the course immensely helpful to me in deciding what I wanted to do, it also helps you decide what you do NOT want to do. I must add that Professor Maynard is a wonderful, passionate teacher and human being that loves what she does and will help you discover what is out there in the world waiting for you.

Another viable major option for transfer students would be Integrative Studies at Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville which allows you to select three major subjects. This may be best for unsure students who enjoy a variety of interests. For example, a student taking courses about Psychology, Theatre, and Nursing might realize that Psychology is most suited for them and concentrate on retaining that particular field as their major while still retaining the Integrative Studies degree. Or stick to that one Major out of the three and keep the second favorite as a minor. With the multitude of courses offered in an Integrative Studies degree, sometimes discovering what you DON’T want to do in your life can be just as important as discovering what you DO want to do in your life!

I hope this helps any students in the same predicament that I found myself in!

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