The Top Five Reasons I Love Amazon Prime

Ashtyn Britt

Amazon Prime is one of the greatest services in the world. As a college student, I get to enjoy this privilege for free for an entire six months. It is more than well worth it, giving multiple advantages in terms of textbooks and supplies, among other things. As time goes on and Amazon makes more advancements in technology like drone delivery and Amazon Echo, this feature can only provide more good things to come! Here are my top five favorite benefits of Amazon Prime, and once you’re done reading them, I suggest you get signed up for Prime as soon as possible!


  1. Free Two Day Shipping.

This is what Amazon Prime is best known for. Getting whatever you need in only two days makes shopping more convenient and a real time saver for last-minute emergencies. Forgot your Mom’s birthday? Amazon Prime to the rescue!

  1. Better prices on many items.

Lower prices? Yes, please! Amazon Prime offers you the best deals on products from books to clothes and even groceries! Who wouldn’t want to have a good bargain when it comes across?

  1. I get access to Amazon Prime Video.

Like Netflix or Hulu, Amazon Prime has their own original shows as well as providing free streaming of already published shows and movies that you won’t have to buy. You can just turn on your Amazon Prime on your television, computer, tablet, or phone, and enjoy!

  1. I get access to Amazon Prime Music.

Like with shows, I also get free access to certain albums and songs to enjoy as I go about my day! This is handy for when I’m riding the bus or working out, providing a motivating background noise, even if only for myself. Also, the music that’s available is really good!

  1. I can borrow Kindle Books

As a book lover, this is a really big deal. I can read books. For free! With Amazon Prime, borrowing Kindle Books makes my life so much easier to keep track of my to-be-read list as well as finding new hidden gems without it costing me another cent! Talk about a great deal!

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