Spirited Away: A Film that Shows the Importance of Not Forgetting Oneself

By Taylor Smith



Spirited Away is a wonderful film that was created by Studio Ghibli back in the early 2000’s. The film focuses on the main character Chihiro, and the many adventures that she has in a spiritual realm that she ends up in after her father mistakenly claims it to be an abandoned theme park. Like many more Studio Ghibli films, this film has a strong focus on the adventures that can be found in the everyday, as well as the how mysterious and scary things can also hide in what someone would consider to be mundane instances. After all, who would expect there to be severe consequences after impatiently eating food? Certainly not her parents, who were transformed into pigs after greedily eating the food that was not meant for them.  

After her parents are transformed into pigs, Chihiro gets a job at a bathhouse where she meets a strange cast of characters and creatures. During her time there she has to deal with the fact that she does not fit in as a human in a world full of demons and spirits. However, she gains the respect of everyone around her with her dedication to hard work, and over time gains more confidence in herself.  

Much like Kiki’s Delivery Service, Spirited Away is a film that I definitely believe that many students should watch. As Kiki’s story focuses on homesickness and how to overcome it. Spirited Away is a film that focuses on the alienation one might feel when they are in a new place. As well as how it feels to have to gain the respect of those around you.  

The issue I had with Kiki’s Delivery Service is nonexistent in this film. It is most likely because Chihiro is the only human being in a world filled with monsters. 

With its beautiful animation, diverse cast of on-screen creatures and characters, as well as its timeless story I feel that spirited away deserves a full 5/5 when it comes to how great this film is. I hope that everyone gives this film the chance it deserves to shine.  

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