SOUNDWAVES: (Song Of The Day + Special Report) Mumford & Sons

Song of the day

Mumford & Sons are coming to St. Louis! Wait, it already sold out? Hold on… sold out before the actual sale even began? At least most of the St Louis fans around here will get to see this electrifying band before they inevitably shoot to the top….They won’t? Because almost 300 of the tickets are on StubHub?! Oh, I guess the passionate fans who love this incredible band’s music will just have to take a back seat to the overwhelming greed of  today’s society…

Not pointing fingers at the band at all, but music is no longer about passion and making songs that people can connect to anymore; it is about how many tickets one can sell and how much money they can sell for. The Mumford & Sons debacle in St. Louis is shining proof of this. The original ticket price to attend the show was $35, but with tax and extra charges it bumped the price up to around $47. Not too bad, right? Well, the going price for the sold out tickets on StubHub begin at $125 and go to $495. Quite the mark up, eh?

Same goes for the Florence +The Machine show as well as the Decemberists concert at the Pageant. Florence + The Machine sold out in the course of two days, yet 267 of the tickets are on Stubhub. These tickets start at $69 and go up to $275. The Decemberists show, while not as bad, has 84 tickets on StubHub starting at $55 and go to $256 (keep in mind the show is in two weeks).

By just going to the Ticketmaster website, the Pageant website, and even the Mumford & Sons website, you can see the mass amounts of fans outraged at the legalized scalping of tickets ( read: StubHub). This has basically made it impossible for 300 Mumford & Sons fans to go to the show because they don’t have the money to pay the extremely marked up prices on StubHub

For those of us (myself included) who wanted to go so badly to see this phenomenal band who deserves all the attention they get, but were thwarted by the greed of others, here is Mumford & Son’s “White Blank Page” as today’s Song of the Day. This is dedicated to the true fans.

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