Scream Movie Review


By Bryce Wellenreiter 

Quick Summary: The film follows a high school student named Sidney Prescott” as she is stalked down by a killer who is obsessed with horror movies. 

Review: This film came from the creative mind of Wes Craven who is famously known for his popular horror movie “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. What he does with this film was a breath of fresh air in the slasher genre as all the previous ones continued with the trope of a group of teens hunted down a killer and not always having a over all story to it. This film went in new direction in the slasher genre making the characters being more self-aware as in majority of slasher films the characters are not as self-aware as they are in “Scream” and make bad decisions constantly. This film plays with what the impact horror films can have on someone as they are in a more real-life perspective allowing the characters to be more self-aware and make better decisions throughout the film and still allows to have the moments where some decisions are not the greatest choice. 

It also uses the murder mystery formula and can have you trying to put the pieces together to figure out who the killer is before the end where they are revealed which adds the enjoyability of the film. Scream has also one of the most iconic movie openings of all time following a teen girl as she receives a phone call and asked a line that has become iconic “What’s your favorite scary movie?” then is asked questions about horror films that decide her fate. This helps set up the meta film it is today and the self-awareness that is shown throughout the film. Each character has their own unique personality and really makes you get attached them and has you rooting for them to survive the film. Overall this film was really enjoyable and fun to watch, it helps bring a fresh breath of air the slasher genre, the characters are likable and not annoying, as are some memorable moments throughout the film and has who trying to figure out who the killer is. 

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