National Get-A-Date-Week: How To Ask Out Women For Men Who Aren’t James Bond!



Photos curtesy of National Get A Date Week: Tips To Ask Out Women For Men Who Aren't James Bond
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National Get A Date Week: Tips To Ask Out Women For Men Who Aren’t James Bond
Eric Welch
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October 14th through October 20th is National Get-A-Date-Week. Every year during this week people are supposed to buck up and ask whoever that special someone is out on a date.


 How To Ask Out Women For Men Who Aren’t James Bond

I am not a playboy billionaire, nor do I have loads of sophistication or charm, but what I do have are a particular set of tips. This advice won’t make a hot-blooded male into a casanova, but it is a step in the right direction.

One of the most basic things to remember is to not be a complete stranger to the woman you wish to pursue. It is important to just talk to her, consistently, because it breaks the ice between you and her, and it makes for a more comfortable atmosphere.

“Don’t be too clingy. Try to make her laugh. Everyone has a different sense of humor, so try telling different jokes if the first one doesn’t go well,” Nursing major, Ashley Lawrence said.

The next items to address are hygiene and attire. It is not only healthy to stay clean, but it is also aesthetically pleasing to smell nice. As for proper attire, you should wear your finest dress shirt and jeans.

While a tuxedo may sound appealing, it is important to remember where you are going. Most first date destinations aren’t a high society party or a ballroom. Yet, the time you take to prepare yourself shows her that she is worth the trouble and she will appreciate the effort.

Another area to focus on, when you decide to actually ask her out, is don’t hesitate.

“Be straightforward when you approach a girl to ask them out.,” video game design major, James Merritt said.

Confidence shouldn’t be in short supply since you have gotten to know her and have prepared for the occasion.

Feeling nervous is normal, but don’t let the fear paralyze you. Nike’s popular slogan: “Just do it” comes to mind, because after all, Nike is the goddess of victory.

The last thing to think about are gifts, which are optional. A simple diamond Tiara or Lamborghini will work. If these are not feasible, then I would suggest a simple rose. It might sound cliche, but it is cliche for a reason.

Anything beyond that would be too serious a move for the first date. In a perfect world, no guy would hear a “no” when he asked a girl out, but it is difficulty that makes the “yes” worthwhile.


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