More Than Just Your Average Professor

More than just your average professor

Lewis and Clark’s Peter Hussey won  Illinois Community College Trustees Association’s Outstanding Faculty Member Award.
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Kiersten Connolly
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Sometimes in your school career, you meet a professor that is not just an educator but a friend and even an inspiration.

Here at Lewis and Clark Community College we are fortunate enough to have Peter Hussey, a music professor who can be described as an energetic and enthusiastic person that loves to be involved in everything he can.

 While there are many professors who get involved with activities outside of the classroom, not many reach the caliber of Hussey.

To name a few of the extra activities he has been involved with on the campus, percussion ensemble, the wind ODDsemble, REMO-HealthRHYTHMS, and organizes diversity projects around the campus.

Hussey is among the most inviting people you could ever be around; his positive outlook and bubbly personality are two of the attributes, among many, that is students find to be the most enticing about him.

“He allows you to be yourself and helps you develop who you are.” Daniel Nosce, one of Hussey’s former students said.

The best testament to how Hussey allows his students to be themselves is through his group the wind ODDsemble, simply because it isn’t your typical ensemble of musicians. It can include any kind of musical instrument from the horn to the guitar to the tambourine. There’s a place for everyone in Peter Hussey’s eyes.

This year Hussey has been recognized by the Illinois Community College Trustees Association (ICCTA).

The ICCTA 2014 Outstanding Faculty Member Award is given out annually at every community college in the state of Illinois to a full time faculty.

Requirements include multiple letters of recommendation, provide data on impact the professor has had on clubs/organizations, and identify the major programs they are included in.

Most importantly they must be voted in by their own colleagues then, that vote will be sent to a group called the rank and promotion council whom make the final decision.

Hussey not only met all the requirements, he exceeded them. Although he has been given this honor he remains humble saying, “I am very honored. Many faculty members at ­­­Lewis and Clark are deserving of this award, and it means a lot that I was selected.” “It was a complete shock.” Hussey said as he described his reaction to his nomination.

While at a meeting all of the faculty was gathered around as they were about to announce this year’s winner.

The speaker presenting the award used hints such as “he”, “marches to the beat of his own drum”  and stating that he is a “symbol” while using a picture of percussion symbols.

He has been invited to the state meeting in June in Chicago where they will announce the statewide winner.

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