Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Review 

By Dalton Comporato

“Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga” is finally here after being delayed by Covid-19. Playing the game for the first time can bring back memories of “Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga” in 2007. Getting to play with friends helps with levels, finding every character in the game and just earning money to see how high they make it without spending it. Yes, this game can take anyone back to old times. Like old times, you can change the voices to mumbling mode, if you like the old way of Lego video games from the start.

What did they bring in that is new for this game? For starters, they put in skill trees. Putting every character in a battle class that fits them in a role, like having Jedi, villains, bounty hunters, droids, and others. Spreading money to make one battle class stronger, little by little. So, some enemies will be bullet sponges. It felt weird for enemies to take a lot of hits before taking them out, but after a couple times paying into the skill trees it does make the game easier. 

Everyone has a favorite side or background character in the Star Wars franchise and “Skywalker Saga” gave us many characters that were in the movies, but only in one scene or frame, like Yaddle and Yarael Poof. Also, many of these characters have voice acting so the player can enjoy the character’s voices that aren’t heard well in gameplay. Sadly, many fan favorites characters do not have voice acting, like Plo Koon. He is known to have voice acting on shows, but the character does not receive voice acting. 

Every enjoyable game does have its flaws. The loading time to go around the pause menu has a good one to two second delay, which can get under your skin. So, looking around trying to look for that one menu and then skipping over it can take a whole minute.  Switching your character can be a mind-numbing experience that takes ten to fifteen seconds to load up. Also, it can leave a bad first impression as the game might freeze up from time to time.

As great as this game is, it has one portion of it that is missing. A feature many players enjoy is character creation. This feature made players of many Lego games extend their gameplay a couple more hours. So, no one will ever see that Jedi C-3PO with a lightsaber in “Skywalker Saga.”  

With the first day updates and patches and a couple more after, the game feels that it runs a little smoother for better experience and gameplay.


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