LC Green Pass – Sorting the Facts from the Fiction

Inside and out of the classroom, Lewis and Clark college inspires its community to “Think Green. Live Green.”
Inside and out of the classroom, Lewis and Clark college inspires its community to “Think Green. Live Green.”

Eric Welch

Staff Writer


A rumor circulating on campus is that students can receive free gas money and bus passes by simply asking the Sustainability Office for them. The origin of this myth is unclear but the existence of misconceptions are still prevalent.

“In 2012 we started the L&C Green Pass program. It offers incentives to people who help offset Lewis and Clark commuter omissions,” Nate Keener, Student Sustainability Association Director, said.

In order for a person to receive benefits from the program they must meet certain requirements.

To qualify for benefits applicants must be a registered L&C student, use an alternate form of transportation when commuting to campus, file a monthly report on how many miles were saved by using alternative transportation, and volunteering for the Student Sustainability Association.


Artist: Eric Welch - Liar, liar! Pant on fire cartoon.

The rewards a student can receive are a variety of options that can help those who have trouble with transportation costs, while being environmentally beneficial.

“I like the program. It helps out a lot getting back and forth to school if you don’t have a vehicle,” undecided major, Brittany White said.

It is possible to earn one of the following benefits once a semester; $120 in bus passes, $75 in meals tickets for the L&C cafeteria, or $60 in gas cards.

The funding for the program is built into the student fees portion of the enrollment payment.

L&C students were polled to get an idea of how familiar they were with the Green Pass Program. Thirty students across campus and were all given the same question “What is the Lewis and Clark Green Pass Program?”

“I was online looking for the Biology Club and I clicked on that (LC Green Pass) link. I honestly thought it gave you special parking privileges,” undecided science major, Emily Kraushaar said.

Of the students polled, only 27 percent answered correctly.

While the Green Pass Program doesn’t make free money rain from the sky, it does put some gas in the tank or save a seat on the bus for anyone willing to do some work in exchange.

Anyone seeking to participate or, for additional information, speak with Nathaniel Keener in Haskell Hall, room 0110, or at


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