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Kelly Rulison
Sports Editor

The Lewis and Clark Trailblazer soccer teams have been blazing through their opponents and making their way towards playoffs.

Over the Halloween weekend both of the men and women’s soccer teams advanced into the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) Division 1 Region Finals.

The team’s success is always based on how good of players you are able to get to come play here at Lewis and Clark,” said Assistant Men’s and Women’s Soccer Coach, Ryan Hodge.


Hodge continued, “We are fortunate enough to have top quality players come play here from all over the area and come from different countries. This years team works extremely hard and has great team chemistry, they enjoy playing for one another.”

The men’s soccer team has an overall score of 17 wins, 3 losses, and 1 neutral or tie. They have played 21 games this season, made 74 goals with an average 3.5 goals-per game, with a winning streak of 5 games in a row.  

The women’s soccer team has an overall score of 16 wins, and 2 losses, and 2 neutral. They have played 21 games this season, made 102 goals with an average 4.9 goals-per game. The women’s soccer team has a winning streak of 4 games in a row.

Women's team

Over the weekend of Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 both the men and women soccer teams played in the NJCAA Division 1 Region Finals.

“They’ve been playing at a high level – very competitive this season. We just have to take care of ourselves,” said Men and Women’s Head Soccer Coach, Tim Rooney.

The men’s team played against Illinois Central College at noon, winning 3-0. The women’s team played against Parkland College at noon, winning 1-0. This means that both teams have advanced to the NJCAA Division 1 National Championship Tournament.

For more information, contact Rooney at trooney@lc.edu or (618) 468-6210.


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