2015 annual Faculty Art Exhibit



Lewis and Clark Community College, Art Faculty Exhibition 2015
Photo from Lewis and Clark Community College Flickr page (https://www.flickr.com/photos/lewisandclarkcc/16300114097/in/set-72157650724881071) Lewis and Clark Community College, Art Faculty Exhibition 2015
Drew Myers
Staff Writer


Recently, Hatheway Cultural Center Art Gallery drew in large crowds during the annual Faculty Art Exhibit. The exhibit ran  from Feb. 6 to 27. The pieces on display were made by faculty from Lewis and Clark’s Art Department.

This was the first time the public could experience the art showcased in the Hatheway Gallery at L&C, as it was previously held at Reid Memorial Library and the Jacoby Art Center in Alton.

“The Hatheway Cultural Center Gallery not only offers the possibility of various arrangements of the space, but since it is so sizable it also allows significant viewing distance for larger works. Most importantly, though, is that its central campus location is extremely convenient for students and the college community in general to stop by and browse the artwork whenever they have a few minutes to spare,” Art Coordinator Chris Brennan said.

The faculty artists on display included: Jason Bly, Sharon Bly, Chris Brennan, Steve Campbell, Pamela Elie, Jessica Forys-Cameron, Craig Hoffmann, Ryan Horvath, Angela Hung, Melissa McDonough-Borden, Joseph McFarlane, Monica Meyer, Samuel Preston, Jeff Vaughn and Diana Yost.

“This exhibit is a chance to experience art. It also increases student, community, and faculty appreciation for the talents of our L&C family,” Diversity Council Chairman Peter Hussey said.



An array of mediums were used in the creation of pieces for this exhibit. Many works utilized oil, photography and clay. On the other spectrum, some works use less conventional mediums such as steel, wood, aluminum and string lights.

“Even though I don’t enjoy art, I liked it. Every piece was definitely one of a kind with a unique thought process behind it,” Wildlife Management major Meg Sitzes said.


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