Halloween Kills: The Title Gives It All Away

By Bryce Wellenreiter 


Halloween Kills picks up as Michael Myers escapes from the fire that occurred at the end of Halloween (2018). Surviving victims of his attacks form a mob to end Myer’s reign of terror once and for all. 

Halloween Kills takes place the same night as Halloween (2018) and the title explains exactly what the film is. From the beginning of the film to the very end, Myers is shown killing one person after another. Personally, I do not think this film is as horrible as many others believe it is. 

There were a lot of dumb decisions made by characters in this movie. Many of them were not portrayed as the smartest in the film. Most of them stand around and wait for Myers to attack them instead of moving, which was frustrating to say the least. Laurie Strode’s character in this movie was a tremendous waste. The entire film she sits around and does nothing at all, which was a major lost opportunity compared to her depiction in Halloween (2018).  

Additionally, the characters could get annoying from time to time—especially when they kept repeating, “evil dies tonight.” I did enjoy the return of more characters from the original film, including Tommy Doyle, Sheriff Brackett, Lindsey Wallace, and Nurse Marion; however, these characters did not have much going for them either.  

Despite the issues with the characters, Halloween Kills still had enjoyable scenes and sequences to watch. The film’s three best scenes include Myers getting caught, escaping the blaze, attacking firefighters, and Michael Myers fighting the mob. Those were some amazing scenes and were definite highlights of the film. Overall, I would not say this film is horrible, but it is kind of a filler movie. I do recommend giving it at least one watch or including it in a marathon of the Halloween movies. 

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