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Photo by  The Flash debuted on The CW on October 7. Arrow returned for its third season on the same network the following night.
Photo by  –  The Flash debuted on The CW 11 on October 7. Arrow returned for its third season on the same network the following night.
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As “Arrow” entered Season 3, on Oct. 8, it’s expected to be a better  season than previous ones.

This show works on giving the full back-story of the DC Comic character, Green Arrow, including his time on the abandoned island, as well as how Oliver Queen comes to be called The Arrow.

The shows’ formula follows the “Lost” series with flashbacks to Queen on the abandoned island and the present, in Starling City.

The first season focuses on the villain, Malcolm Merlyn. He is the CEO of Merlyn Global Group and doubles as the dark archer, who is a part of the League of Assassins.

Throughout the first season police consider The Arrow to be a dangerous vigilante that they tirelessly attempt to apprehend.

Season Two concentrates on, Slade Wilson, Queen’s mentor while on the abandoned island. Another focus, is Queen becoming known to Starling City as The Arrow instead of The Vigilante.

The Season Three trailer has given word to the crowd that Ra’s al Ghul will be the next big villain. Ra’s al Ghul is the leader of the League of Assassins and will take down anyone who gets in the way of his goals.

Barry Allen is introduced during the second season. Allen’s appearance results in his own spin off show, “The Flash”, which premiered Oct. 7.

Allen’s mother is killed by a freak accident and his father is convicted of the murder. Since then, Allen has been obsessed with finding out what really happened the night his mother died.

Allen is a CSI investigator who is interested in the particle accelerator, created by Harrison Wells and the S.T.A.R lab team, which is supposed to bring huge advancements in power and medicine.

On the night of the particle accelerator’s public unveiling, an explosion occurs, causing a freak storm to happen, which leads to being struck by lightning.

After spending nine months in a coma, Allen develops the ability of super speed.  Central City has an unseen guardian angel as Allen uses this ability for the greater good.

Since Allen came out of the coma, strange phenomenons started happening within Central City, and another meta-human, or superhuman, was created who does not use his powers for good.

At that point, Allen puts his mask on, and uses his new-found powers to protect the innocent people of Central City as The Flash.

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