Pants on the Ground and Other Hallway Etiquette Issues


Nate Gnau

Business Manager

For as long as I have attended L&C, I have applauded the laid-back atmosphere and general friendliness of the campus and its students. However, the atmosphere does not permit – should not permit, anyway – any form of offensive fashion. Before someone kills a cow and burns it in effigy to me, let me explain.

I am all for people dressing with the latest fashions, provided they’re tasteful. That being said, can someone please tell me what is tasteful about your pants falling off your butt? When I was a kid, I was taught that allowing your pants to fall down in public was a fashion faux pas that should be remedied as soon as possible, even if it meant – god forbid – wearing a belt, which is why I have always been confused as to how folks found it fashionable. If you’re not certain how the trend started, I suggest that you do some homework. It’s less than savory.

While I’m on the subject of bad fashions, another thing that just absolutely grinds my gears is people wearing yoga pants. Repeatedly. It’s one thing to do it on a day where you absolutely detest the thought of putting on a proper pair of pants, or a skirt, or a kilt. But to do it repeatedly is just lazy. They are called Yoga Pants for a reason. Not hot fashions.

I’m done with fashion faux-pas and am moving on to other things now.

I’m talking about large packs of people walking down hallways, voices at full volume, virtually howling obscenities as if we all want to hear their probably-inane conversations about silly first-world problems. Call me crazy, but that’s what the cafeteria is for. Sometimes people are trying to have class, get work done, grade papers, and generally advance their professional life.

Which brings me to my final point. Yes, this place is very laid back. Yes, this place is very friendly. But this is still a professional environment, and I’m sure I’m not the only person who would appreciate it being treated as such. But what do I know; I’m just a fat, broke, country bumpkin college student who lives in the sticks with very limited social skills.

(sarcasm intended on that last sentence)


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Nathaniel R. Gnau is a 23 year old Radio Broadcasting student, and currently the business manager for The LC Bridge. He is a gearhead to the umpteenth degree, and enjoys long walks on the beach, cuddling, and staring at sunsets.
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