Solar Flares Relate To Earthquakes And Potential Disasters


By Francesco Turso

Copy Editor

There has been a recent surge of earthquakes lately, as well as extreme weather patterns. At the same time the Earth is experiencing heightened Solar activity. On February 16 a massive Solar flare was observed by scientists.

According to CBS, the flare was expected to reach earth on February 17-18. Potential disasters were said to include malfunctioning GPS and telecom satellite equipment. Scientists have pointed out that the Sun is reaching its solar maximum around 2013.

According to the National Association for Scientific and Cultural Appreciation there are many effects that Solar flares can have on our planet. “The short term aftermath usually involves disruption of all forms of electronic communication with a severe threat to all space satellites and telecommunications. Long term the effects are not easy to categorize but we believe these include highly disturbed weather patterns with a greatly increased risk of earthquakes and volcanic eruption in vulnerable locations.”

As the sun reaches its maximum, we can expect more erratic weather as well as a surge in earthquake activity. According to NASCA there is a Russian study that shows a correlation between Solar eruptions and widely fluctuating feelings, as well as strokes and heart attacks. “On a larger scale our research clearly shows that Solar activity has the potential to trigger general social unrest even to the point of inciting wars, riots, revolutions, and a deteriorating state of International harmony.”

Perhaps this information gives us a much better understanding of the state of our world today.

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  1. Many of the ideas in this article are completely new to me

    Solar flares in relation to strokes and heart attacks?

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