Detroit: Become Human

Destiny Buck


Detroit: Become Human is a video game that takes place in Detroit, MI of 2038. In this game, you play as three main characters: Connor, Kara and Markus.

“Remember, this is not just a story. This is our future,” is a quote from the very first character you meet, the hostess of your menu screen. An Android named Chloe. In the game, it is completely up to you how the story ends. Even just one “wrong” move can trigger severe punishment.

Detroit: Become Human is about a world where Androids are a real concept, however, with heavy downsides.

Unemployment rates are more than 35 percent in the United States of America, as Androids have taken most jobs. Androids have a variety of models and uses, just like real technology today.

There is Kara’s model, an AX400. She is designed to clean your house, take care of your kids, help them with homework. She’s basically a maid you never have to pay after purchasing her. Kara leaves her home with a little girl named Alice, whom she became a mother to and it’s up to you to make sure Alice and Kara make it out alive.

Connor’s model is RK800, he is a prototype detective Android, and is put on a case at the Detroit Police Department with Lieutenant Hank Anderson.

Markus is an RK200, part of a secret prototype series for autonomous Androids. He was gifted to his owner, Carl Manfred, by the very creator of Androids himself.

As mentioned before, the game is completely up to you how the story goes. And, it lives up to it. The average movie script has about 100-200 pages of script. Whereas Detroit: Become Human has over 2,000, close to 3,000 pages of script.

I personally love Detroit: Become Human because of this factor, your choices actually matter, and a lot of the scenes are time based. Characters will react if you’re just spinning in circles for no apparent reason, and the choices you make impact the worlds news as well.

The barebone of what happens (without giving too many spoilers) is Markus starts the Android Revolution. You decide whether or not it’s peaceful protest or a determined war. The game itself has many endings, as well as a lot of deaths from the main characters. Connor having the highest death count of 26 altogether.

I definitely recommend at least watching someone play Detroit: Become Human because of its cost, which is really the only thing I dislike about the game, is the price. The game is a PS4 Exclusive and priced at $60 at most video game retailers.

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