Cutest Pet Contest Makes A Comeback!


By Madison Baca  

From furry friends to scaly and feathery friends, The Bridge is thrilled to bring you the 2023 Cutest Pet Contest. You may remember the cutest pet contest from earlier years, and we are proud to announce that it’s back and better than ever! 

Illinois is home to a variety of different animals, and we are on a mission to find the cutest of them all. Whether you have a cuddly cat, a bouncy bunny, a slithery snake, or any other kind of pet, we wanted to see them all! 

We want YOU to help us decide who will win The Cutest Pet Contest. Check out all these sweeties and vote for the pet you think is cutest! The winner will be featured in the May edition of The Bridge. But don’t wait too long, voting closes on April 30. 

To enter a pet, there was a $10 entry fee for each pet photo sent to The Bridge, and proceeds will be donated to the Riverbend Humane Society! Humans not only get a chance to show off their pet to the world, but they are also supporting a great cause. 

The winner of the contest will receive one free artwork piece. The winner’s human can choose from a portrait photo (indoor or staged) or an illustration. The winner will also be featured in the May edition of The Bridge. 

Go ahead and check out all the adorable companions that were so kindly shared with us here. Each pet wants the coveted award of Cutest Pet and would love your vote. Vote by scanning the QR code here. You can also find links to vote on our social media accounts. Remember, voting closes April 30. So, show these pets some love and vote for the cutest pet today!

Click here to vote for the cutest pet!

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