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As we all know, clubs have a big benefit when it comes to helping us spice up our resumes. But, did you also know it can help with other areas of your life?

When I first came to Lewis and Clark Community College, I was very shy. I could not seem to get myself to go up to anyone and strike up a conversation.

After becoming a student worker, I found out about Student Activities. I always loved to help plan things, so I thought this would be a good chance to get involved on campus and add something to my resume. Before long, one of my instructors talked me into joining The Bridge student newspaper. Even though I said I wasn’t a writer, she said she a spot that was perfect for me.

I started going to the meetings and sat off to the side and listened more than anything. As I got to know everyone I started to open up and talk more. I tried tossing out ideas as they came to me.

Later that semester was the Wellness Fair where one of the booths was based on mental health. I threw out a suggestion about doing an article about mental health at our next meeting. Our advisor then encouraged me to take a shot at it.

Even though I was scared of the outcome, with the help of our advisor, I did it. I wrote my first article. When I saw other students react to my article it boosted my confidence.

Our advisor encourages us to push ourselves outside our comfort zone. This is something I have always struggled with. But now I see how much it has helped me.

The longer I have been with The Bridge, the more they challenge me to push myself. Since joining I started doing live feeds, which has helped me to slowly become more courageous. Eventually the other members of The Bridge encouraged me to run for Student Trustee. Even though I didn’t win, it helped me to learn to strike up conversations with total strangers.

I have joined three other clubs since I joined The Bridge, where I have made even more friends. Each club has taught me different things that have helped me. PTK has helped me find more ways to give back to my community. Student Government has taught me that I can help make a difference not only with our school, but in other areas too. United Nerds of Lewis and Clark has taught me to cut myself some slack when it comes to spending too much time focused on having perfect grades, and to have a little fun.

The fact I went from someone that struggled to make friends to having multiple groups of people I enjoy spending my time with on campus is one of the best feelings in the world. I honestly feel that if clubs can help me to overcome my fears and make friends, they can benefit everyone.

I encourage you to take a look at our current clubs to find the ones that will be the right fit for you. I guarantee you won’t regret it. For more information, visit

Callie Logan


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