Can We All Agree That Jeffrey Epstein’s Death is Suspicious?

Ashtyn Britt


Trigger warning, this article will mention topics involving suicide and child sexual abuse. Please either proceed with caution or stop reading now. Now, maybe this is just me, but something is not adding up at Jeffrey Epstein’s death. For those who do not know, Jeffrey Epstein was a wealthy American Financier who had been convicted in 2008 of running a child prostitution ring for many members of the elite class, including politicians and celebrities. Epstein had also recently been in the news once again for being arrested for sex trafficking charges on July 6, 2019.

After an investigation by the FBI in Epstein’s home, thousands of photos, including photos of naked underaged people, had been recovered along with a large sum of money and a passport with various stamps from many different countries. All of this is important information because it has been revealed there is a large amount of evidence that could potentially incriminate many powerful people as being pedophiles and sex traffickers. That being said, barely over a month later, Epstein was found dead in his jail cell on August 10, 2019.

While it has been ruled as a suicide, Epstein had been on suicide watch before his death, after he’d been found with suspicious neck wounds on July 23. Now, the most obvious option for who could be behind Epstein’s mysterious departure from this world could be one of the other inmates who took justice into their own hands. This wouldn’t be surprising, since those who abuse children are often the ones who are targeted most in prisons for obvious reasons. However, Epstein specifically had a more complex case than that, with his access to undoubtedly plenty of information of who was involved with trafficking. 

Personally, I believe firmly that someone powerful had Epstein taken out so that he wouldn’t ever be able to testify and properly incriminate them. The real question is who specifically could have been the one to call the hit? Some theorize that President Trump, former President Clinton, and many more politicians could have potential cause to want Epstein’s death. There is so far not enough evidence to suggest anyone in particular, but I personally don’t believe that this convenient turn of events is a coincidence. 

While I am sincerely happy that Epstein, undoubtedly a monster, can no longer cause any harm to anyone again, I am also worried deeply for how many names will now never have a chance to be released. Only time will tell the truth behind these circumstances, and I will be paying very close attention as this investigation continues.

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