Animal Cruelty Not Only Hurts Animals, But Society As Well

Alexandra Blockton


Animal cruelty is not just brutal to the animal itself, but to the owner and their family as well. Consider thinking of the pet owner, animal shelter staff and veterinary clinics who care for these animals. To most pet owners, animals are not just considered a pet, they are family. Just as well as someone would be excited to come home to their loved one, they are very joyful to come home to their pet. The pets, too, look forward to seeing their owners returning from work or school.

However, some people do not view animals as family or treat them as they should, and do not understand the pain and asperity animal cruelty causes to individuals who administer care to animals. One of the most disturbing things someone could ever do is harm an animal. The cases regarding animal cruelty tend to span the jurisdictions throughout several different states departments and local agencies.

I remember when I had my puppy, my first ever puppy, who was a black-and-white mixed breed Beagle named Dominoe; I love him just as if he was my own baby and my son loves him like a little brother (Dominoe used to jump all over my son when he walked through the front door after school). I had received him as a birthday gift a few years ago, and I do not currently have him as my pet anymore due to personal reasons, but I was able to find him a marvelous owner with a friend who spoils him dearly.

When I first got him, I made sure he had everything he needed and more. Dominoe was so special to me and he would always run around and wag his tail when I would arrive back in the house from being outside–it was so cute! When I would be out I couldn’t wait to get back home just knowing I had him at home missing me.

Furthermore, abuse to animals has been in correlation with domestic violence for quite some time. A pet is part of a family when residing in a home with individuals, and it is a very selfish act for an abuser to not only abuse his or her victim but to also beat an animal senseless. A person must not have any feelings or heart to abuse animals.

My advice to current pet owners is please take care of your pet! They are precious, adorable, and innocent and do not deserve to be abused. Treat them how you would like to be treated. Also, if you know someone who has a dislike for animals or a history of abuse, please keep them away from your pet. A pet should be considered a family member and they need all the love, attention, and caring they can receive from a happy home.

I understand exactly why foster parents to animals basically interview the possible soon-to-be pet owners, because some people are just not right these days when it comes to owning a pet. They want to make sure the pet is going into a safe environment and receiving good care, because it’s only right.

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