A Review of Bluff City Grill

by  Brooke Lavite Chef Mike Cool with Cathy Gross, who is mixing a cocktail.
by Brooke Lavite
Chef Mike Cool with Cathy Gross, who is mixing a cocktail.
Brooke Lavite 
Staff Writer

Recently I have found myself running out of dining options in the Alton area.

Upon entering the restaurant, I felt as though I walked through a portal. This establishment marries an elegant look with a laid back atmosphere.

The interior immediately had me transfixed; it was not at all what I had expected. The restaurant had a very chic, very modern look to it. High-quality, monochromatic stills of various monumental locations in Alton are featured along the walls. The atmosphere is sophisticated, yet casual, while reinforcing local pride.

“I wanted to make a business-casual atmosphere for customers to bring clients or friends and family for dinner or lunch and then come to the sports bar side that is 21 and up to cut loose,” owner and former Lewis and Clark Community College business major, Cathy Gross said  .

The menu is extremely diverse in content. They offer several salad options, many sandwiches or wraps, and burgers. What immediately caught my attention was the expansive list of appetizers or entrees.

Head chef and former L&C Communications major, Mike Cool, explained to me that if a customer has a food allergy or needs something to be prepared gluten free, they need only mention it and he will prepare the dish accordingly.

“We do everything from scratch here. 98 percent of the menu is made in-house,” Cool said.

While going over the menu, it was difficult for me to pinpoint a theme or a commonality between many of the options.

When ordering, I asked to be surprised with two menu items. Guac bites with sweet chili sauce and pot stickers with sesame sauce where the appetizers that were brought to the table.

“I tried it once and me and my boyfriend thought it was decent. It was nice inside and the food was reasonably priced. We would go back,” L&C student Stephanie Oh, business management major said.

If you are looking to try something new that is affordable you should give The Bluff City Grill a visit at 102 W 9th St. in Alton.



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