5 Ways to Calm Down During a Quarantine Panic Attack

Graphic by Lena Greeling

By Ashtyn Britt

Panic attacks are nothing to be ashamed of. Especially during quarantine, when you are stuck inside at all times and worrying about the future, it can be easy to have one. Anxiety is at a high, and people are quickly getting cabin fever. For those of us who have this issue, here are a few ways to try to quickly resolve the issue as painlessly as possible.

1. Call someone you trust.

During this time in quarantine, it is understandable how disconnection from others can trigger the deepest anxieties in others. Reaching out to a person you trust will help you feel more connected, and remember the outside world is still there and you’ll be able to be more mindful of who you speak to.

2. Take deep and slow breaths.

Breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth, making sure to count to three each time. Deep breaths can help slow your heart rate and calm you easier.

3. Move to another room in the house.

Sometimes it can be as easy as a change of scenery. It can help to move to a different room in the house, preferably one with a lot of windows, in order to feel safer. This can allow you to also focus on the new surroundings and calm down.

4. Get a drink and take small sips.

Get some water and be careful to take small sips, being sure to count each sip you take in order to focus on the process of counting instead of what is causing the anxiety, while hydrating your body as well.

5. Listen to familiar and calming music.

Familiarity is a wonderful comfort while having a panic attack, and can help you go to your happy place or think of pleasant and calming things. It is also recommended you let the music help you take a nap to completely resolve your issues.

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