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  • 2015 annual Faculty Art Exhibit

    2015 annual Faculty Art Exhibit

    Recently, Hatheway Cultural Center Art Gallery drew in large crowds during the annual Faculty Art Exhibit. The exhibit ran from Feb. 6 to 27. The pieces on display were made by faculty from Lewis and Clark’s Art Department.

  • Movie Review: The Interview

    Movie Review: The Interview

    On Dec. 24, 2014, the movie “The Interview” came out, and became one of Hollywood’s most controversial comedies.
    The film’s plot details two TV journalists, played by James Franco and Seth Rogen, who are given the opportunity to interview Kim Jong-Un.

  • Pixels Over Paper

    Pixels Over Paper

    Technology is rapidly evolving around us and has changed the way we live our lives. Social media has changed communication, online shopping has changed the market, and now video games have changed the way we experience storytelling.