Always Leaving Satisfied 

Devin Myers


If you’re looking for a better dining experience that is easy on the wallet and much more satisfying than your average fast food chain restaurant, then I would have to recommend Tony’s Ranch House. It’s located about a mile away from Lewis and Clark on Godfrey Road, next to Shivers, and is easy to find. 

While there may be plenty of other restaurants in the area, Tony’s Ranch House definitely gives the others a run for their money with their excellent food, service, and prices. This is a great place to treat yourself to good food, have a meal with your family, or drink and socialize with friends. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Their dining room is peaceful and the staff always seems to be in good spirits. They also have a bar that is separate from the dining area for anyone who wants to have drinks and relax. The restaurant never seem to be too crowded and you never have to wait long for your food. 

Tony’s Ranch House has the best burgers in town and incredible chicken sandwiches. They also serve daily specials and also have great breakfast food.  All of the food is excellent, but my personal favorite is the Horseshoe, which is Texas toast, with a burger and fries on top, smothered in cheese sauce. 

The prices are extremely reasonable. My first time being there, I remember being shocked with how fair the price of my bill was for the amount of delicious food that I had received, and after that, I knew that I would be back.

The food is great, but that’s not all they have to offer. They also offer live entertainment so if you wanted a night out, you could spend it at the ranch house and meet up with friends or family to have drinks and a meal while you watch a live band perform in the bar area. 

So if you’ve been considering trying a new local restaurant that has great food, service, and prices then I would highly recommend Tony’s Ranch House.

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