Who Cares What Someone Else Thinks of You?

Alexandra Blockton


People talk about others all the time–but whether it is good or bad, who cares? That is something everyone should ask themselves. I personally know it may be hard to not care, especially if you are one of those individuals who often gets emotional about things all the time. It’s not good to always attach your feelings to something that is not worth your while.

When someone else has their very own personal opinion about you, that’s okay, because we are simply made different from one another in all aspects. No one has ever been made to think like another individual, and that’s where the creativity has a chance to come out in your life. Everyone will not always like you, and that’s just fine as long as you are able to respect each other. Do what makes you happy, and the best will come out in you.

Often, someone has to criticize someone else to make themselves feel good. Generally, that means they’re unhappy with themselves and/or lacks something that other individual possesses. People will talk about you all the time just because they are unhappy within themselves.

On the other hand, one thing I have always known in life is that at times we may give someone reason to discuss personal matters on what is going on in your very own personal life. Such as always spreading your personal business on social media, but the next day on campus you are all upset because you hear other students talking about your business, which you posted on social media!

If you would have never posted it on your account, no one would’ve never known your business. But then we have those individuals who crave the attention they get from social media. After making negative posts that causes trouble for themselves and others, they just want to be the thing everyone is talking about.

Next, drama is not a good deal to be involved with because it brings you down mentally, emotionally, and sometimes physically if it is a bad case of drama you’re involved in. It’s best to stay away from issues that cause this type of outcome because it’s better things to be worried about like studying, homework, and work etc.

When you’re focused in life on accomplishing your goals, being involved in the drama part of the world really doesn’t matter to you because you’re too busy focused on doing what makes you happy! Nowadays, it’s like some people worry about the wrong things in life, which is why they can be stuck in the same position for so long and don’t even realize it until it’s way too late.

Best of all, it’s all about self love at the end of the day and simply what makes you achieve positive progress as an individual. No matter what, love yourself because it starts from within ourselves. When a person is glowing and excited it will show on the outside for everyone to see. Life is about doing what makes you happy while striving to be the best you can be. 

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Alexandra is pursuing an Associate Degree in general studies as a Transfer Student. After Fall 2023, she will transfer to a 4-year university to major in Psychology.
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