Shining Bright: Lewis and Clark Honors Awards Ceremony Celebrates Student Excellence


By Alex Hartmann 

Avalon Eales


On April 19, 2024, Lewis and Clark (LC) held its annual Honors Awards Ceremony recognizing the exceptional achievements of its students in academic excellence, leadership, and community service for the 2023-2024 academic year.  

The ceremony, which took place at the college’s main campus in Godfrey, Illinois, saw a diverse group of students from various disciplines being honored for their hard work and dedication. The event was attended by faculty, staff, family members, and peers, all gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of LC’s brightest. 

This year’s student speaker was Andrea Painter. Who spoke about her life and experiences as a former police officer. She enrolled at LC after high school but decided that she did not want to go to college. She joined the police force where she climbed the ladder of that career but ended up sustaining an injury that made her ineligible to continue with it.  

She decided it was time to face her fears and go back to college, where she has faced many things but has overcome them. She is encouraged that when her children begin their college career at LC, she knows they will be in good hands.  

Nicole Munden was announcing each winner of the awards and a few words from the faculty members who nominated them. 

“It made me feel proud and recognized,” said Nicole Waldman. “Sometimes these things feel trivial and egotistical but hearing what he wrote and shaking their hands like that made me feel like my effort has been seen and appreciated.”  

Waldman was nominated for Vice President of Student Government Association.  

“We’re grateful that Nicole served as Vice President,” said Dr. Sean Hill. “She’s proven to be a keen observer and rethinker in relation to issues that both affect SGA and students in general.” 

The Honors Awards are a highlight of the academic year at LC, showcasing the college’s role in fostering an environment where students can thrive and excel. These awards are not just about recognizing academic success; they are about acknowledging the perseverance and resilience of our students. 

Congratulations to all those who were nominated and received awards this year.  


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