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  • Bits and Bytes by Athena

    Bits and Bytes by Athena

    Since smoking won’t be allowed anywhere on campus after this spring semester, I need help quitting – for good this time. I’ve tried to stop before, and I’ve even been successful for short periods, but I always seem to fall back into my old habits. How can I quit for good?

  • Cool Courses at the LC!

    Cool Courses at the LC!

    As the 2015 spring semester at Lewis and Clark Community College concludes, many students have begun planning what courses they wish to enroll in next semester. However, some offered classes aren’t well-known to the student population.

  • New Maps For LC Campus

    New Maps For LC Campus

    Both students and visitors have difficulties with locating their destinations due to the lack of wayfinding signs on the Lewis and Clark campus. The Student Government Association (SGA) has a plan in place to cutback on wandering time.