Pizza, Chips, and Fun: Video Game Day Excites Campus

By: James Pepper  


Every fall, Student Activities hosts Video Game Day, a recurring event that students on campus look forward to with anticipation.  


Complementary refreshments, including pizza, chips, and soda, were available.  


“Numerous attendees have engaged in games such as Just Dance, Mario, and Mortal Kombat,” L&C student Alex Kribs said. “The provision of pizza is likely to attract more participants. It serves as a welcoming environment for individuals to gather, socialize, and enjoy the event.”  


Legacy United provided a wide selection of gaming consoles, ranging from the Nintendo Wii to the Xbox 360, for attendees to enjoy.  


“The event has seen an expansion in the variety of games compared to previous years,” L&C student Emma Gettings said. “It has garnered considerable excitement among students, particularly the College for Life kids, who have been discussing it for the past two weeks.”  


Video Game Day has maintained its status as an annual event for a significant number of years, celebrating its tenth anniversary this year.  


Students consistently demonstrate enthusiasm for the event, as observed by Student Activities Advisor Jarred Hennings.  


“While it is still early in the day, we have already witnessed a respectable turnout of students, which is promising,” Hennings said. 

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