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  • Intramural Sports

    Intramural Sports

    Lewis and Clark Community College offers a total of 10 varsity sports, and currently 17 different student clubs and organizations to participate in, intramural sports is not among the available options.

  • Buddy Benches

    Buddy Benches

    Eunice Smith Elementary School students united together with Lewis and Clark Community College’s YouthBuild organization to create buddy benches, in a hope to build companionship and a neighborly atmosphere among students.

  • McClellan ran for City Ward

    McClellan ran for City Ward

    On April 7, the city of Ferguson, Missouri held its elections for City Council. Doyle McClellan, a Lewis and Clark Assistant Professor of Computer Network Security and Administration, was in the running for City Ward #1.

  • 2015 annual Faculty Art Exhibit

    2015 annual Faculty Art Exhibit

    Recently, Hatheway Cultural Center Art Gallery drew in large crowds during the annual Faculty Art Exhibit. The exhibit ran from Feb. 6 to 27. The pieces on display were made by faculty from Lewis and Clark’s Art Department.