River Bend Rec Night: A Thrilling Highlight of Welcome Week

By: James Pepper 


On the fourth day of Welcome Week, an exciting River Bend Rec Night took center stage, courtesy of the Dawg Pound, offering a delightful evening of entertainment and friendship. The event unfolded on Thursday, Aug. 24 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., drawing a substantial crowd. It was held at the George C. Terry River Bend Arena on campus, boasting a variety of activities such as kickball, dodgeball, basketball, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, table tennis, and Hula Hooping. To keep everyone energized, Domino’s pizza was generously provided.  

“Rec night was a great success! Our goal tonight was to help a connection between our student-athletes and our general student body. We played mat ball and dodgeball and enjoyed pizza together,” said the event’s coordinator, Daniel Nosce.  

“It was chill, fun, and overall, everyone had a good time. I made lots of friends and no matter what we did I feel like everyone felt included. Big thanks to Daniel for buying the pizzas and putting it all together,” said student Jessica Snyder. 

River Bend Rec Night emerged as an immense success during Welcome Week, offering students an unforgettable experience filled with sports, games, pizza, and the opportunity to make new friends. There was a heartfelt appreciation to Daniel Nosce and The Dawg Pound for the organization of this event. Hopefully, this spirit of unity will continue into the upcoming semesters.  

2023 Welcome Week Rec Night

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