On-Campus Celebration Of LGBT+ History Month

Madeline Runyon


“Love is love is love, cannot be killed or swept aside,” concluded Lin Manuel Miranda’s 2016 Tony award speech proceeding the Orlando nightclub shooting. This is one of many examples of LGBT+ history which is celebrated throughout the month of October.

Lewis and Clark Community College paid tribute to this month by raising the pride flag as well as the transgender pride flag on the first of October at noon. Both will remain up throughout the month of October which is the longest that both flags have ever been flown on campus.

Media specialist Louise Jett began the ceremony by giving a brief speech on the origins of LGBT+ history month. History month originated in 1994 and was founded by Rodney Wilson, Jett explained.

The event was coordinated by the Bridge newspaper as well as LC Pride, which is the LGBT+ club located on campus. The club helped organize the event as well as to confirm everything with the authorities on campus.

LGBT history month is important because it educates others on our history, and shows people that we do in fact exist, and deserve respect and validation,” said LC Pride co-president, Cassandra Shipley.

The club is currently seeking new members on campus. Meetings take place at 3:30 on Thursdays and are open to members of the LGBT+ community as well as to allies.

For more information on how to join, email Natalie Hogle at nhogle@lc.edu, Cassandra Shipley at cshipley@lc.edu, or club advisor Steve Higgins at shiggins@lc.edu.

The club does have a vetting system so as to protect closeted members of the club as well as to discourage anyone who is homophobic from attending the groups. As a result of this, those interested should contact either the club advisor or one of the co-presidents before attempting to attend a meeting.

“The LGBTQA+ Safe Space is located in Caldwell 1329 and is open Monday-Friday from 8:30 am to around 3:15 pm,” says co-president Natalie Hogle. Hogle also recommends checking out the club’s Facebook page to stay updated on upcoming events.

LGBT+ history month is full of a vibrant but usually neglected history and deserves a special spotlight. Members of the LGBT+ community all around campus are grateful to have this celebrated by LC and look forward to other great things to come.

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