Meet Zombie Babies!

Makayla McGuire


Halloween is just around the corner, everyone! As is usual during this festive time of the year, everyone is currently or has already completed setting up their Halloween decorations.

This can be with Jack O’Lanterns, lights, and a variety of other decorations to draw attention to your house! My personal favorite decoration, however, is Zombie Babies!

Zombie babies make the cutest and scariest decorations. After all, who expects a cute small decaying corpse to scream at them on Halloween?

My mother, April McGuire, has acquired about four to five zombie babies over the years. One for my oldest brother, one for my other brother, one for my sister, one for me, and one in honor of my grandfather. We put them out every year, and it’s probably my favorite part of Halloween. I love them because my zombie baby is the oldest, even though I’m the second youngest. Can you see the irony?

My mom lets us put our zombie babies wherever we like, and then we finish with the rest, going around the babies. This has been a time-honored tradition in my family for years, and I always get excited to share it with others since so few people know these cute little monsters even exist!

You can purchase them online, or in-store at Spirit Halloween! You can also purchase Zombie Babies on a different website that also may sell them. You could get one for yourself, or a family member, or a friend, or a neighbor, or anybody else that you’d like to! Zombie babies are for everyone and provide love to everyone.

Depending on the type of Zombie Baby and the quality, the price can range dramatically from forty dollars to hundreds of dollars, so make sure to be a smart shopper! Purchase one, I promise that you won’t regret it!

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