Lewis and Clark’s First Talent Show

Graphic by Adam Hill
Graphic by Adam Hill
Kiersten Connolly
Staff Writer

On April 30 at 1 p.m. directly following Spring Fest, there will be a lip syncing competition among the organizations and clubs on campus of Lewis and Clark Community College.

Many first-year L&C students are not aware of the vast number and variety of clubs and other organizations here on campus. This is the first year the competition will be held in hopes that students become more familiar with clubs and organizations available for them to join.

Jacob Williams, a comedian, is going to host the competition as each one of these groups get up in front of their peers and lip sync to some of the most popular songs.

All acts in the event have already been approved to perform, so that this event is 100 percent family friendly. The lip syncing competition will allow for everyone who isn’t involved in these groups to get an idea of the kinds of people that are.

The groups will be judged by four judges, two faculty members and two students. They will be judged on the following factors: energy, creativity, theme, look, and entertainment.

The winners of this competition will receive an award of a $200 addition to the club’s account, a trophy, and promotion of the club itself through The Bridge, as well as the L&C radio station, 89.9 WLCA for their achievements.

“It will be a lot of fun to do a lip syncing competition because here at L&C we have never done anything like it! It’s going to be fun!” Lyn Campbell, LC Pride President, said.

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