Sustainability: A Future For Tomorrow

Photo provided by Nate Keener
Photo provided by Nate Keener
by Nate Keener
Director of Sustainability

Mankind has managed to trash Earth so extensively that many leading scientific experts say we might be making the planet uninhabitable for humans in few more short centuries.

Clearly, we need change. Our political system is in gridlock that “environmentalism” has become a bad word in some circles. It doesn’t have to be this way.

In fact, we can’t afford for it to be this way any longer. Sustainability asks us to set aside petty differences to work together to solve serious common problems.

Sustainability is a three-legged stool that’s all about People, Planet, and Profit. Each leg is equally necessary for the stool to stand.

Sustainable actions and processes either enhance, or don’t cause harm to the planet while protecting social justice and the welfare of peoples. These actions simultaneously allow businesses and entrepreneurs to make a profit.

For too long, we’ve been asked to choose between people, profits or Earth. This is a false choice and should look to enhance all three.

Sustainability focuses on a systems-based philosophy that asks us to conduct business in a way that maximizes profits, minimizing harm to the planet and to recognize that everything is connected dynamically.

Lewis and Clark Community College has been recognized locally and nationally for its efforts and has an admirable goal of “Campus Carbon Neutrality by 2058.” Needless to say, there are plenty of opportunities for you to make a change.

Actions shape future, so learn from the past.

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