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  • Sorority Lacks Sisterhood

    Sorority Lacks Sisterhood

    To become a member of a Greek organization at some schools, students must have specific qualities, including an above average GPA, letters of recommendation, and an exceptional interview. Race isn’t supposed to be factor.

  • A New Spring In Your Step

    A New Spring In Your Step

    Spring Fest is always full of activities, surprises, and prizes to win! Almost every group in the school will be participating whether it’s having a table and handing out goodie bags or having a game and letting people gain points to win prizes.

  • Donate and Be A Hero

    Donate and Be A Hero

    Thanks to the help of the Be A Hero Campaign , and the assistance of Secretary of State Jesse White, organ donors are making a difference all over the nation.

    Lewis and Clark has paired up with White in an effort to get students to sign up as donors.