The Bow & Arrow Has Returned! “Hawkeye” Trailer Review

By Elise Gremli

After being postponed from filming, Marvel fans got what they’ve been waiting for, and that is the first trailer for a highly anticipated Disney Plus series! It looks like “Hawkeye” picks up after “Avengers: Endgame” and shows some familiar and new faces, along with the traditional action-packed Marvel trailer.

When the trailer begins, you should notice that it takes place in New York City during Christmas time with snow coming down. Mister Clint Barton, well known as Hawkeye, talks about how his past actions are coming back to haunt him in a bad way. He notices that “The Masked Vigilante,” who he was in those dark five years, has mysteriously returned. Later in the trailer, we find out that it was a girl who was dressed as the vigilante. We didn’t see much but it still got people’s attention!

What I notice in these Marvel shows on Disney Plus is, besides the main characters, they try to bring back some familiar faces, as well. Keeping up that tradition, we saw more familiar faces in this trailer. It’s obvious Jeremy Renner returns as Hawkeye, hence the title. Besides Jeremy, they brought back the kids that play his family.  Ava Russo & Cade Woodward return as Lila & Nathaniel Barton to bring the sense of family to the series. There are some new faces as well, including some people who are not happy with the vigilante, that we don’t know anything about. Then there is the amazing Hailee Steinfeld, playing the part of Kate Bishop, who is the person wearing the “Masked Vigilante” outfit. It’s awesome seeing some familiar faces but also great seeing newcomers as well.

Lastly, I want to talk about how epic it was for a TV show trailer! A thing every Marvel fan should notice about any trailer, movie, or TV show is how the creators get your attention before it is even released. This trailer has everything from the vibe it’s going to bring, the action, and the humor, as well. It also takes place in New York where the original Avengers movie from 2012 was set. It must’ve done a great job because it was the most viewed Marvel show trailer in 24 hours!

In conclusion, I think this is going to be a great show that includes a storyline that must continue, some familiar and new faces for the Marvel Universe and has the traditional vibe any Marvel release has. Don’t forget to check it out when the first two episodes come out November 24 during Thanksgiving break on Disney Plus!

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