Spider-Man: The Underrated Superhero

Makayla McGuire

Everyone knows of some basic superheroes. Superman, Batman, Thor, and Black Widow to name a few. However, the best superhero, in my opinion, would be Spider-man. I believe that Spider-man has very unique powers, his life is a stumble outside the mask, and he is always outgunned.

Spider-man’s powers are so cool and unique! Most other superheroes have the ability to lift more than the average man, or they can fly. Spider-man on the other hand, can’t leap or fly and he’s also not super strong. Instead, he has to be more creative and rely on the momentum of shooting his next web, so he can land a perfect flip. Instead of punching or kicking, he sticks his criminals together. Spider-man also has to rely on getting his aim perfect in order to succeed in this task. Most other superheroes retreat where the villains can’t see them hiding out, whereas Spider-man just rests at the top of skyscrapers.

Superheroes are also supposed to have a nice life. As for Spider-man, he has a more complex background. Spider-man gets bullied in school, he’s an orphan, and he keeps getting rejected by the love of his life. Spider-man had to go live with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben at a young age. Then, Uncle Ben eventually dies, so Aunt May is left having to raise him. However, Aunt May is an elderly lady, who also needs to be protected by him. Spider-man also can’t tell Mary Jane, the love of his life, who he really is because it could risk her safety.  

Other typical superheroes wear armor that can protect them when fighting villains, but Spider-man doesn’t. All Spider-man has is a red spandex suit! All of Spider-man’s villains, on the other hand, have some sort of metal armor on them. When he has to fight the villains, he always has to think of a few moves ahead of time so he can defeat them. Unlike other heroes who have advantages, Spider-man is the best superhero because he saves the day even when it seems he has the odds against him.

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