Regarding the Transgender Military Ban

Adrien Gojko

Jan. 22, 2019 is now known as the day that the Transgender Military Ban was reinstated, and will be a day that should exist strictly in infamy. I’m not surprised by this, but I am angry. As someone who is transgender, I feel personally attacked by this disgustingly blatant act of transphobia.

Regardless of what Pentagon spokesperson Lt. Col. Carla Gleason told CNN, the Department of Defense absolutely does not “Treat all transgender persons with respect and dignity,” They’re certainly not showing any respect through their actions of banning transgender people from joining the military and treating them as if they’re subhuman.

Making an official statement trying to claim that the government still has respect for transgender people immediately after such a decision has been made, is like trying to cover cheap aerosol spray over the massive dump you just took all over the floor in hopes no one will notice you defecated everywhere. It just makes the smell worse with an artificial sweetness mixed in with the smell of feces; In other words, this statement is only adding insult to injury, here.

Plus, this heinous crime against transgender folks is void of thought; the reasoning behind it is nothing more than fear-mongering. It’s hateful, and it’s not okay.

Many legitimate organizations have also been making a stand against this decision.

According to the RAND Corporation’s website, which can be found at, “There are an estimated 1,320–6,630 transgender service members in the active component, but not all will seek gender transition-related treatment,” “the costs of gender transition-related health care treatment are relatively low,” “previous integration efforts and the experiences of foreign militaries indicate a minimal likely impact on force readiness.”

In other words, the “reasoning” behind this ban falls flat. If you’re still skeptical, try the American Psychological Association’s official statement on for size, stating “The American Psychological Association is dismayed that the Supreme Court agreed to allow the administration to bar transgender people from joining the military. Transgender people are currently serving in uniform with no adverse impact on military readiness or unit cohesion, and there is no research to the contrary. What research does show is that discrimination and stigma undermine morale and readiness by creating a significant source of stress for sexual and gender minorities that can harm their health and well-being,”
“In addition, there is substantial psychological research showing that gender dysphoria is a treatable condition, and does not, by itself, limit the ability of individuals to function well and excel in their work, including in military service.”

There are many other sources that will tell you the exact same thing, that this ban is not only unethical, but it is incredibly thoughtless as well. Our country’s transgender people deserve better than this. Our country’s people as a whole deserve better than this careless ruckus.

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