SOUNDWAVES: Music To Listen To In The Sunny Sun Sun

Now that the sun has appeared and melted away the snow, it’s time to set aside the Elliot Smith albums, take off the parka and bust out the upbeat tunes. Below is a carefully compiled list of 10 tracks for you to listen to while laying in the grass or bouncing around outside. Your choice, of course. Enjoy.

Architecture in Helsinki- That Beep

Did we just time travel back to the 80’s? Nope, that’s just Architecture in Helsinki. If only all secret cults were as fun as the one portrayed in the video….

The Limousines- Internet Killed the Video Star

Ok, the only honest way to describe the video that accompanies last year’s catchiest tune is BEST VIDEO EVER. Seriously.

Noah and the Whale- L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N

Noah and the whale makes instrumentally peppy, folky British pop. Noah and the Whale has a new album coming out on March 15. Noah and the Whale’s first track off the new album is below.

Matt & Kim- Good for Great

Bust out your synths and check out some of the new material off of Matt & Kim’s latest release, Sidewalks. Definitely a song that goes well with driving around at dusk with your windows down.

The Polyphonic Spree- Light and Day

One of the most upbeat songs I have ever heard, this list would not be complete without “Light and Day.” The 21 piece choral symphonic pop rock group (whew) makes beautifully uplifting music. Want proof? Check out their creepy video below.

E.L.O- Mr. Blue Sky

Speaking of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, E.L.O has to have one of the happiest songs of all time. It’s an older song, but that definitely doesn’t disqualify it from being on the list.

Freelance Whales- Hannah

Is it just me or does this video really remind one of the tv show Fringe? Regardless, check out the band’s bouncing song “Hannah” below. But watch out: Walter is snatching your kids up from their beds…

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin- Modern Mystery

A somewhat local band that appeared on my Music To Listen To While Snowed-In list, this is definitely one of SSLYBY’s best songs. Impossibly hard not to sing along to, “Modern Mystery” comes off their album Pershing.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes- Home

This pure, whistling tune just sounds like it should be from some earlier music period. Take a listen and be happy.

Mumford & Sons- Winter Winds

While the song’s name may be a bit ironic for the title of this post, the song’s instrumentation and atmosphere create the perfect tune to lay down in the sun with. “Winter Winds” comes off last year’s Sigh No More, arguably 2010’s greatest musical product.

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