Small Schools Lead to Big Blessings

Hannah Kahl


Mary Lou (Stone) Moore, born and raised in Shipman, visited with old friends in the Little Red Schoolhouse, on Saturday, Sept. 7.

Moore, along with seven others, attended school in the one-room schoolhouse.

“We learned the basics: reading, writing, arithmetic and how to treat others,” said Moore.

Looking back on her life, Moore said she and her classmates were blessed to go to school in the Little Red Schoolhouse.

After the Little Red Schoolhouse, Moore attended Shipman High School, graduating in 1953. Moore then started her career. 

She was offered many opportunities throughout her years and worked for 20 years doing emergency room registration. Moore loved the emergency room and was grateful for receiving this position.

“I couldn’t imagine growing up any other way,” said Moore. “Good things have always happened in my life, and I like to think most of them are because of my history with this school. I am truly blessed.”

Grace Kiffmeyer, a student at Lewis and Clark Community College (L&C), also attended a small school growing up.

“Even though Bunker Hill High School wasn’t as small as the Little Red Schoolhouse, it’s definitely a smaller school compared to others today,” said Kiffmeyer.

The one-hallway school had a lot to offer Kiffmeyer.

“I feel as though my classmates and I had an amazing classroom environment and were able to learn in ways that bigger classes can’t,” said Kiffmeyer. “We each got more one-on-one time with the teacher. We also learned how to respect each other since we all grew up together and saw each other every day.”

After graduating from L&C, Kiffmeyer plans on transferring to the University of Illinois to pursue a career in nursing.

 Kiffmeyer said small school education blessed her with great opportunities, which she will cherish forever.

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