Being Involved Can be a Step Toward Success

Kyleigh Hallows


From the brand-new Active Minds Club all the way to Veterans club, Lewis and Clark Community College has more than 15 different clubs that students are able to join.

”Students who take advantage of student activities and student support services have higher retention rates than those who do not,” said Director of Institutional Research and Library Services Dennis Krieb.

Getting involved in activities around campus other than going to class is a way to learn more about L&C, fill up free time and meet new people. Clubs can help students build skillsets such as working with a team, leadership and communication with others. 

Clubs also allow students to step away from school studies and let their brains rest if they’re stressed out from schoolwork.

L&C has clubs for students with any interest. There are clubs such as, BSA (Black Student Association) or LC pride. Clubs at Lewis and Clark range from people with interests in radio broadcasting to diversity, or artistic talents. 

“BSA helps me know more about the community and knowing people like me have my back and understand things that others might not,” said Lewis and Clark student Sabrina Burns.

There are even clubs for students who are majoring in the same areas such as nursing. The newest club that has been created at Lewis and Clark is the Active Minds Club.

According to the club’s informational board, it is “a club changing the conversation about mental health by reducing the stigma associated with mental health disorders, fostering dialogue among students about mental health, and creating programming aimed toward advocacy.”

Clubs are an opportunity for all students to be apart of the L&C community. To find out more, visit or contact the L&C Student Activities Director Jarred Hennings at

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