Singing and Eating at Lewis and Clark

Haley Ruyle

No one can deny that everyone loves free food, so what’s even better is food on the go! Walking Tacos are a good example for food on the go for the average busy college student. Walking Tacos also happen to be a campus favorite here at Lewis and Clark Community College!

Walking Tacos are perceived by many students to be an incredibly delicious treat, and the trend even extends to mothers in their own homes. Walking Tacos are said to be a great snack, lunch, or even supper. They are also super easy to make. All anyone needs is meat, cheese, salsa, lettuce and any kind of Dorito chip. Student Activities club hosted a walking taco event Jan. 28 accompanied by a karaoke and lip syncing competition in the Commons of the Math and Science building. When the club volunteers served the walking tacos buffet styled, the workers custom made each one to the student’s preference and flavor of choice.

While previous walking taco events have been plenty of fun in the past, this particular Walking Taco event was superb in comparison. The Commons were filled with fun music as students competed in the lip syncing and karaoke contests! The opportunity allowed students to enjoy a nice free lunch and entertainment between classes. The Student Activities event was so popular that they nearly ran out of walking taco supplies!

Every year the winners do an outstanding job at competing, but the winners of this years Walking Taco lip syncing and karaoke contest did a particularly excellent job! Unlike the usual three winners judged upon during Student Activities lip syncing and karaoke contests, there were four winners picked since the judges couldn’t decide between two people and chose both instead.

The first place winner was Taylor Vaughn, the second place winner is Joe Kane, and tied for third place are Monique Miller and Taylor Hudson! All the performers who participated did an amazing job!

All the students enjoyed the event while rocking out, singing and dancing to their favorite music, and with a happy tummy full of Walking Tacos! It is highly recommended that students who missed the previous walking taco event make an effort to attend the next one and be sure to get their food early! For anyone interested in joining Student Activities, contact Jared Hennings at or Student Activites President Brittany Dickerson at

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