Real Catwalk for a Fashion Show!

Haley Ruyle


Many people love to see the beautiful and tall gorgeous Victoria Secret Models walking down the runway, but can anyone really be that perfect? Is what the model’s bodies showcasing real or airbrushed?

No, everyone is perfect in their own way. That is why Khrystyana Kazakova, a plus size model finalist in America’s Next Top Model, started a new fashion show of her own. The show displays models wearing exclusively lingerie and swimsuits to show off their bodies in Time Square of New York City. Just before the week of the 2018 Victoria Secret Fashion Show, anyone of any gender, size, shape, age, disabilities, and race could be a model without the feeling of discrimination to spread the word that anyone can be a model!

Many people have reported on social media feeling discouraged and insecure when watching the Victoria Secret Angels walk down the runway. Being a Victoria Secret Angel is a huge honor and privilege. It’s a job that people are chosen for only if they meet a certain criteria, which makes most people feel they are not worthy of the Angels and therefore feel inferior.   

“Everyone on here is on our own individual path of self-love and self expression,” writes Kasakova on her instagram page. “I am happy that this platform that we collectively created serves as a safe space and home for everyone to just be, celebrate our being.”

With different types of people and body sizes walking down the runway instead of tall and gorgeous Victoria Secret Angels, people’s confidence boosted way up! “It’s boosted my confidence, it’s boosted my self-esteem. I can look in the mirror and say, I am a real person. I am human being,” says one of the models who participated in Kazakova’s fashion show.

The Real Catwalk Fashion Show was a success! Many people had volunteered for and enjoyed the show. While the Victoria Secret Angels are still very popular and are beautiful, it is fantastic for an alternative view of beauty to have also entered the world of fashion shows.

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