Riverbend Arena Reconstruction to Bring New Changes

Haley Ruyle


Everyone loves going to the gym, going to work out and sweat, or just having a fun time playing ball or watching the game. Every once in a while though, buildings have to be reconstructed for a new well-deserved upgrade for safety reasons.

It may be a bit surprising to students that Lewis and Clark Community College is reconstructing the Riverbend Arena and not the main building since the main building is older than any of the other buildings on campus. One would think that the main building would be the top priority to have reconstructed, but no matter, as Riverbend Arena deserves improvements as much as any other building on campus.

The Riverbend Arena here at Lewis and Clark Community College will undergo Reconstruction this spring! What is to be expected after the new upgrade? “The Riverbend Arena will undergo a renovation project this spring and summer, which will include a new roof, HVAC upgrades, gutter replacement, electrical improvements, waterproofing, a new gym floor, and other interior improvements,” says Laura Inlow in a recent school-wide email about the project.

On April 1, 2019, Lewis and Clark Community College will start closing down the Riverbend Arena for reconstruction. Unfortunately for the regular attendees, this is not an April Fool’s Day joke. It is highly recommended that students please not enter the Riverbend Arena for any and all safety purposes. A lot of construction and improvement will be made to the Riverbend Arena to allow more physical activity for the student body as a whole.

During the reconstruction period, all gym equipment will be moved to Wade Hall. “Most of the classrooms will also move after the spring semester ends in May, with the intention of being back up and running for fall sports and classes in August,” said Vice President of Administration Lori Artis.

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