October Editor’s Letter

By Jeannette Carrington 


Dear Readers, 

As the crisp October air sweeps through our campus, we find ourselves in the midst of a season where layers of clothing become a daily necessity, and the academic calendar keeps us on our toes with midterms. It is a time of transition, both in weather and in our pursuit of knowledge at LC.  

Since our last edition, the campus has been a hub of excitement and activity. We have had the pleasure of covering a variety of events, each leaving its unique mark on our college experience. In this issue, you will find a treasure trove of articles detailing these memorable occasions:  

Fall Fest: We kicked off the season with Fall Fest, a celebration of all things LC. From photo booths to dancing, the Fall Fest was a fantastic way to connect with many clubs on campus.  

Health and Wellness Fair: Your well-being is our priority. We attended the Health and Wellness Fair to give you insights into staying healthy and making the most of your college life.  

Sculpture Garden: The Monticello Sculpture Garden Festival was a testament to the marriage of art and nature. Our coverage will take you on a visual journey through this vibrant existence on our campus.  

But that’s not all. Our Bridge Staff members also ventured beyond the campus boundaries to experience and share off-campus events:  

Balloon Glow: The mesmerizing 2023 Great Forest Park Balloon Glow event illuminated the night sky, and we were there to capture the magic.  

Renaissance Festival: Step back in time with us as we explored the St. Louis Renaissance Festival, where history came alive with jesters, knights, and fair maidens.   

Amidst these delightful event updates, we have woven insightful articles, entertainment reviews, activities, and comics throughout the pages of this issue. We promise you will find something to tickle your intellect, amuse your senses, and brighten your day.  

Speaking of brightening your day, we invite you to connect with us on social media and participate in this month’s reader contests:  

Photography Contest: Share your perspective by submitting your best campus or community photos. Your winning shots could be featured in a special photo spread in the newspaper.  

Character Interview Contest: Let your imagination run wild and engage in fictional interviews with historical figures, literary characters, or even whimsical personalities. We are eager to see the most creative and engaging interviews. 

Data Journalism Contest: Dive into the world of data analysis and visualization. Explore campus trends or issues that intrigue you, and craft a compelling data journalism piece that could earn recognition.  

The most well-reasoned and insightful articles, captivating photos, and engaging contest entries have a chance to shine on our website and in future issues of The Bridge.  

As you dive into the pages of this October edition, we invite you to enjoy the paper, share your thoughts, and let your voices be heard. Visit our website at [http://thelcbridge.com/](http://thelcbridge.com/) or connect with us on our social media pages. We eagerly anticipate your feedback.  

Thank you for being a part of The Bridge community. Your readership and engagement are the heartbeat of our publication.  

Warm regards,  

Jeannette Carrington 


The Bridge Newspaper 

Lewis and Clark Community College 

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